We coordinate with municipal and provincial authorities to obtain necessary permits, regulatory approvals and providing approved field reviews of construction.

Need to get a permit for construction, demolition, renovation, or repair? Our Permits Department can help you out. ‚Äč

Our Permit Process

  • 1.

    Your Claim Is Submitted To Us

    Your claim is submitted through an insurance company or privately by emailing

  • 2.

    A Professional Engineer Reviews Your Claim

    One of our expert Professional Engineers is assigned to your claim.

  • 3.

    Your Site Is Visited By Our Staff

    The severity of damage on site is assessed by our experts. Measurements are taken and the next steps for revitalization are determined.

  • 4.

    Drawings And Report Are Created

    Our experts create drawings of your site. They detail the next steps of or restoration or repair in their report.

  • 5.

    Authorization Form Is Sent To Our Client

    We send our client (either an insurance adjuster or the homeowner if they are filing a private claim) an authorization form. This needs to be signed and returned in order for us to request a permit

  • 6.

    We Apply For A Permit

    Our expert permits department works with municipal authorities, building code requirements and zoning bylaws to expedite your permit acquisition process*

  • 7.

    Permit Is Acquired

    After communicating with governing bodies and determining the safest method of repair or reconstruction in coordination with our engineers, the permit is acquired.

  • 8.

    We Contact Our Client

    We contact our client and the site contractors to begin the next steps of building renewal or repair.